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Véro Leduc is involved in various social struggles over the last fifteen years, especially in collective and community organizations around issues such as video activism, feminism, queer and sex work. She is currently on the board of the House of Deaf Women of Montreal and member of the Sourdien coffee. After a degree in social work on community art and social recognition of criminalized women in Quebec, she is currently pursuing doctoral studies in communication on deafhood, taking roots in her own experience. Lecturer in the School of Social Work-UQAM and at the Department of Communication at the University of Montreal, she is also Project Manager at the multisectoral partnership Testimonial Cultures ( Mensah et al. ). Her publications include among others « L’art communautaire, un espace pour construire la reconnaissance sociale des femmes criminalisées au Québec » (Nouvelles Pratiques Sociales, 2013, 24 : 2), « Dans l’alcôve : tête à tête queer sur les défis de la troisième vague féministe », with C. Riot In Remous, ressacs et dérives: variations sur la troisième vague féministe au Québec (M. Baillargeon et al, 2011, Remue-ménage) and « Familles immigrantes au Québec, deuils et liens transnationaux : réflexions pour la pratique », with L. Rachédi and J. Le Gall (Lien social et Politiques, 2010, 64). On her artistic side, Véro currently conducting an autocomicographie entitled C’est tombé dans l’oreille d’une Sourde (It fell into Deaf ears). This is a long term project, a first prototype edition that has already been distributed in 100 copies in Montreal and Ottawa. She recounts the experience of deafhood in the everyday life; recalls memories of childhood when her parents wanted to cure her deafness or when children at school told her she had AIDS because she was different ; she reflects also on the differences and similarities between the queer coming-out and the Deaf coming-out. She is the author of several videos and DVD compilations on realities such as sexual diversity, sex work, disability and immigration. Since 2008, she is also a painter, but she has not yet had time to mount its portfolio ( it’s coming ! )

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